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Welcome to The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media is a full service social media setup, design, and management company. We create, design and manage your social media profiles across the web. With targeted campaigns and defined objectives we create content that represents the voice and presence of your business. This content is then distributed through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and blogs thus engaging, cultivating and building your social media community.

Our packages include basic social media account setup as well as customization of Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts and Youtube channels. We create, customize and integrate social media accounts directly into Wordpress sites and blogs. We also provide comprehensive social media management packages thus doing all of your social media content creation and posting for you allowing you to stay focused on your business.


What is Social Media Management and what can it do for my business, brand, band or artist?
Most small businesses are well aware that they need social media and they need someone to manage it.
But the question is:  How useful will it be to your business?
It's not if you will do Social Media for your business, it is how well you will do it.
It takes time to set up your accounts, manage comments and post relative information.
Social Media Managers know how to set up all your accounts properly and interface them correctly.
Social Media Managers also know how to effectively prospect and target market for you.
Social media management can be customised to suit your business needs, such as additional SEO, email marketing or content creation.
The most frequently chosen accounts are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube but I do manage other social sites such as Pinterest, Google+, MySpace, Reverb Nation and Tumblr also.


Marketing, Traffic Generation, Social Media, Coaching and Mentoring.
The old internet marketing solutions are costly and are losing their effectiveness.
The new wave of social media techniques is showing the higher Return On Investment.
In tune with the constant evolution of the social media landscape. and using bleeding edge social media marketing strategies we keep our clients ahead of their competition.
Companies of all sizes are making the investment in social media marketing.
No two businesses, bands or brands are the same.
With services that will be tailored to your needs and requirements we find that by a simple chat, we can show how what we do can achieve your objectives and can help to accomplish your strategic longterm goals.
If what your business requires is the assistance to increase its online presence, extend your brand awareness online, you've found the right place!

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